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Psychologist Session
Couple's Shadow

Individual Therapy

Are you looking for quality therapy sessions with a therapist who cares, as well as listens? Well you've come to the right place. At Caring Conversations Center, our focus is guiding our patients in implementing new methods for dealing with life's most complex matters.

Couples Counseling

Our Couple's Counseling sessions assist couples in identifying underlying issues by providing communication tools and suggest behavior adjustments to reduce or prevent future emotional crises between couples at home.

Career Coaching

Is your career stalled or stagnant? Does it feel like the career you desire is just unattainable? Our certified career coach works to get you motivated, focused and moving in the right direction toward your goals. Caring Conversations Career services are tailored to meet your immediate, specific needs and conveniently packaged just for you. We offer professional resume writing, interview coaching, networking skills, and job search strategies, all designed with our clients' needs mind.


Empowerment Parenting Classes

The sole purpose of Empowerment Parenting is to teach parents the core concept of being their children's initial teacher, as well as caregiver. It is a 10-week, one hour session focusing on building confidence and skills within parents essential to guiding and providing for their children while also minimizing conflict. The ultimate goal is to empower parents in order to empower children, strengthening the ability to ultimately succeed in life.

Anger Management Classes

Anger management is typically mistaken for the ability to "not get mad." That's simply not the case. Anger management is recognizing the signs that you're becoming angry, figuring out what makes or made you angry (trigger points) and applying self control and dealing with situations in a conducive way. Anger management does not prevent you from feeling anger or encourage you to hold it in. Anger is a normal emotion when you deal with and express it properly - anger management teaches just that.

CPR/AED First Aid Classes

We offer certification through American Red Cross, 7 days a week to fit any schedule. We have express CPR training, retraining and recertification and specialize in Adult and Pediatric CPR, First Aid, AED, BLS, BBP, Youth CPR training as well as Baby Sitting training. *DISCOUNTS OFFERED FOR GROUPS OF 12+*